Right Livelihood Award 2010

What a coincidence. Today morning I thought about writing a post about the Alternative Nobel Prize. A couple of hours later I read this article about 2010’s laureates of the Right Livelihood Award – a.k.a., the Alternative Nobel Prize. This prize, established by Jakob von Uexkull 30 years ago, is thought to honour those who are trying to find solutions of the most challenging problems of our time. Here are the laureates:

  • Nnimmo Bassey “…for revealing the full ecological and human horrors of oil production and for his inspired work to strengthen the environmental movement in Nigeria and globally.”
  • Erwin Kräutler “…for a lifetime of work for the human and environmental rights of indigenous peoples and for his tireless efforts to save the Amazon forest from destruction.”
  • Shrikrishna Upadhyay/SAPPROS “…for demonstrating over many years the power of community mobilisation to address the multiple causes of poverty even when threatened by political violence and instability.”
  • Israeli Physicians for Human Rights “… for their indomitable spirit in working for the right to health for all people in Israel and Palestine.”

Among earlier laureates were, inter alia, Astrid Lindgren (1994), Ken Saro-Wiwa (1994), the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia (1996) or Hermann Scheer (1999).



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