Yes, we can! – Do we?

For those interested in American politics, here a nice link: the Obameter, run by PolitiFact. It is an overview about all reforms promised by Barack Obama in his presidential campaign – and what have come out. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look that bad: 122 promises are rated as “kept”, 41 as “compromise”, 82 as “stalled”, 236 as “in the works”, and only 22 are rated as “broken”. But, as you can read in this taz-article, the Americans seem not to recognize that. Furthermore, short before the mid-term elections, the Democrats seem to be losing many seats in Congress and Senate* because of being accused of things Obama hasn’t done (e.g. increasing taxes and running a huge public deficit) or things he did – though some claim he didn’t.

I surely am not the biggest fan of Obama. But I think it’s sad (and bad for the US) that so many Americans prefer to believe the extremely conservative Tea-Party-Movement instead of looking at facts and recognizing that the burden Obama inherited from his predecessor has been huge.

* – of course, the Senate is, as well as the House of Representatives, a part of the Congress (my mistake)

P.S. Here you can read a related article about austerity measures (and their probable effects) in the US.


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