Do You Know Ramzan Kadyrov?

If not, and if you understand German (sorry for those who don’t), here is a “nice” interview with him.

Ramzan Kadyrov (for those who don’t know) is head of the “government” of Chechnya, a war-torn Russian republic in the Caucasus. He is known for the many accusations against him – he is supposed to have committed war crimes during the second Chechen war and since. He also is accused of having arranged the killing of Anna Politkovskaya and other people who were inconvenient for him and his patron, Vladimir Putin. As one can read in the conversation linked above (and in many others), he also is a brutal, egocentric barbarian eager for power.

“Enjoy” the interview.

P.S. In the interview, Kadyrov claimed not to have anything to do with the killing of Umar Israilov in Austria on 13th January 2009. Meanwhile, according to SPIEGEL, Israilov’s killer were recently recognized by witnesses in a video showing a ceremony in Chechnya – he is supposed to be one of Kadyrov’s guards seen in it. The ceremony took place only a few days ago. I wonder what Kadyrov is going to claim now.


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