Business as Usual… as Usual

According to a yet unpublished report by the International Energy Agency (for a commentary see here), the global carbon emissions in 2010 reached the level of 30,6 Gt – 1,6 Gt above last year’s emissions and the highest level ever recorded. Furthermore, it doesn’t look as if the situation should change in the near future: 80% of the power stations under construction world wide are fossil fuel based. The Cancún conference has prevented the post-Kyoto negotiation process from dying, but it is still in the deathbed. Meanwhile, we cannot wait until 2014 when the new IPCC assessment report will be published and maybe shake the public.

Apparently, even the global recession was not enough to stop us from blowing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The emissions went down by 0,3 Gt between 2008 and 2009 (from 29,3 to 29), but the new rise more than canceled this. The probability that we can meet the 2°C goal is vanishing.

We have the money. We have the ideas. We still have some time. But we seem not to have the will.