Cap and Don’t Trade

A few weeks ago I shortly presented the cap-and-dividend proposal by US Senators Maria Cantwell and Susan Collins. While reading this article at TripleCrisis (actually on the broader issue of the “ownership” of natural environment) I realized that I somewhat misinterpreted the idea of cap and dividend.

While I thought that it includes a trade component – in reality it doesn’t. That imposes the question: is this good, bad, or maybe equal? Continue reading

Cap and Dividend

A few days ago I wrote a rather short post about the EU ETS (Emissions Trading System). It was a praise of the general idea of cap and trade schemes (and the EU’s one as a good example), although I mentioned two challenges remaining: inclusion of all industrial sectors in the scheme and agreement on a global system of interlinked national cap and trade schemes. But there is one more adding proposal worth mentioning: the so called “cap and dividend”. Continue reading