Talking About Green Jobs Might Impede Action on Climate Change

Advocates of true action on climate change do not have an easy job to do. Scientists keep producing evidence of dangerous man-made climate change, the IPCC keeps producing reports that summarize that evidence, activists keep doing their activism… Meanwhile, politicians, and decision-makers more generally, keep talking and the society at large sticks to business-as-usual. No wonder that the “alarmists”, as we are sometimes called, are steadily looking for new powerful arguments. In hope either that a specific single argument will suddenly make people wake up and act on climate change, or that the accumulated mass of arguments will do. One such argument is about so-called “green jobs”. Clean technology investments are presented as a great opportunity to create jobs, as a growth booster. However, in this specific case, the well-intentioned pro-climate-action argument might actually be a shot in the cause’s foot. Continue reading

Bjørn Lomborg and Green Jobs

One of my “favourite” authors writing extensively on the economics of climate change, Bjørn Lomborg, has attacked in his new article those who are predicting that the transition of economies to “green” ones is going to create a lot of new jobs – “green jobs”, as they are called. I am not a specialist in the area of job markets, but I would like to point out some flaws in Mr Lomborg’s argumentation. Continue reading