If I Would Be the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Committee…

Tomorrow, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for the year 2013 is going to be awarded. Despite my general aversion toward this award, I am very curious about who is going to be this year’s laureate. I also think that this may be a good opportunity to present my own “favourites”. I do not claim my choices to be realistic in any meaningful way of this word – indeed, for most of them I am quite sure that those economists are never going to be awarded the Prize. Which does not necessarily make the exercise less interesting. Continue reading


The Farce Called the Nobel Prize in Economics

In about a month the winner of the so-called Nobel Prize in economics (as already has been pointed out here, it actually isn’t one) for the year 2011 will be announced. Many distinguished economists can be found among the laureates – others, no less distinguished, cannot. But when you look at the Prize’s record carefully, at what the particular laureates have stood for, you will probably have the feeling that the Swedish Royal Bank Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is a farce. And rightly so. Continue reading