New Developmentalism

On September 29, 2010 a group of development economists primarily from Latin America signed the 10 Theses on New Developmentalism. It was a Keynesian and structuralist reaction after the failure of the Washington Consensus (the neoliberal development dogma)  as well as the unfolding of the global financial crisis. Here are the theses in short (I compressed them – some highlighting also is mine -, for a detailed listing see the link above): Continue reading


Real Structuralism

Yesterday I finished reading a very interesting book, “Growth and Policy in Developing Countries. A Structuralist Approach” by José Antonio Ocampo, Codrina Rada, and Lance Taylor. The book is presenting the “real” structuralist view (in contrast to the pseudo-structuralism of the Bretton Woods institutions) of development economics. The approaches chosen differ in a broad way from what mainstream economics teaches us – and, importantly, they are accompanied by strong empirical evidence. Continue reading